Movie Reviews


"Four by 3000 is wonderful! A fascinating view of what it takes to get a 4 man team across the finish line of the Race Across America (RAAM). It beautifully documents the journey of the team and their crew along the 3000+ mile route: the physical challenge, the logistics of keeping the team rolling and the amazing teamwork of the riders and their dedicated and selfless crew. This is really, really well done.

This film has something for everyone. If you ride, are are an enthusiast, enjoy sports, or just wonder how in the world they do this, you will love love this film! " Shelley I 

 "Absolutely amazing documentary about four incredible cyclists! This movie is "100% chills and excitement! Do yourself a favor and go see this at your local screening. If you don't see it this year you'll be one year older when you do! - Warren Miller ." - RT

  "Went and checked out this film tonight and was totally impressed with the team work it takes to do the Race Across America! The film is terrific and if you love cycling, suffering, Cheeseburgers 🍔 and a shit ton of determination, please go and support this film. What an incredible journey! No politics, No Fake News, No BS." – David W

 "A great look at what a four man bicycling team and their crew go thru while continually racing over 3000 across America in the annual RAAM. Outstanding coverage of entire race." - Wayne B

" My husband and I enjoyed our “armchair travels” with this amazing team as they overcame obstacles and bonded as a team while racing across America." - Sue B

 "This movie is F&$king Rad !!! Four by 3000 - Journey through the toughest bike race in the world -  Chris DeMarchi, Philip Tinstman, Tony Restuccia, and Kurt Broadhag - Mad Respect !!! I highly recommend seeing it ASAP." - Bart C  


" Well done movie, Awesome athletes!"   - Dee F

" Awesome, inspiring movie. Can watch it over and over again."  - Isabella M

 "Outstanding coverage of Race Across America with determination against all odds! A must see for anyone!" - Pam S  

 "This is an amazing movie!! Congratulations. Wishing a huge success to it!" - Evens S  

 "Awesome, Fun, and Inspiring!" - Justin J  

 "I have a secret. I watched a documentary around this time last year and even tho I was asked by Alex Isaly to join him in Racing Across America, it was this documentary that really gave me the itch to do it. I have seen all the bike documentaries and I think hands down this is one of the best. Chris DeMarchi Philip Tinstman and Kurt Broadhag are 3 guys I have known for a long time and it gave me goosebumps watching their journey."  - Rahsaan B